Mesh Marketing employs the world’s best people to bring your brand to life.



From corporate events to staff conferencing, we plan, staff and execute events of all sizes. We listen to your needs.


We have years of experience in recruiting the right people for the right location and brand, inducting, managing, mentoring and training sales specialists for brands.  We know the luxury market better than anyone.



We have best in class brand ambassadors to bring your brand to life, with our passionate, engaging team members, experience our bespoke service.

 A dynamic and engaging demonstration plan from the ground-up. 


In 2002, Mesh was approached by Nespresso, an Australian division of Nestle, which introduced itself as a new distributor of a luxury retail coffee machine and a unique coffee capsule product that had never been seen before in Australia. From humble beginnings, Nespresso was operating out of a small shop front in Thornleigh, with a tiny marketing budget, and its products had very little leverage or exposure. Our challenge was to infiltrate the market and generate sales in a cost-effective manner for Nespresso.

Mesh have a real point of difference recruiting the right staff. The Mesh team listen and execute our programs with a measured and personal approach. We really appreciate their passion, honesty and loyalty.
— Renaud Tinel, General Manager Oceania
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nespresso mesh team

An experiential marketing strategy for Moët Hennessy, champagne, wine and spirit portfolio


In 2010, Moët Hennessy (part of the LVMH Group) was looking for an agency to provide a total solution for its travel retailers, in all international airports throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Our brief was to employ a team of passionate, committed brand ambassadors and operational management to reflect the quality and reputation of its brand. After an extended and competitive selection process, Moët Hennessy selected Mesh. The objective that Moët Hennessy required Mesh to achieve was to quickly form a highly professional, sales-focused team in order to:

- act as brand ambassadors who would raise awareness, improve visibility and build relationships with current and potential customers

- gather insightful, qualitative information about stores and customers, toward delivering actual measurable sales. 

Mesh Marketing have the ability to listen and translate agreed solution plans into firm actions with a positive outcome.
— Georg Hinterleitner, Key Accounts Director Australia, New Zealand & Thailand

moet henessy sydney airport
Khent at Melbourne International Airport
VC at Sydney Airport

Active campaigns to raise brand awareness and conversion.


Dyson Australia were looking for a bespoke national demonstration program, to facilitate current and new products across multiple categories.  We needed to ensure we were allowing for an innovative technology focus across all categories in the Dyson portfolio.  

Dyson have a solid and consistent research and development strategy globally which demanded a nimble, strategic and intelligent face to face sales plan, to support their strong network of retailers in Australia. Our approach was simple, and that was to find the right people for the right stores supporting and demonstrating the right product to find the right solution for customers. 

Dyson being across multiple categories was not something for the faint hearted.  We hit the ground running and very quickly adopted our personalised approach and moved as one with Dyson.  Their pace, like many premium global brands is beyond fast, we set the pace for our team and continue to manage expectations with a calm and measured style.  Knowing our business and working hard to ensure we know Dyson’s business, ensuring we hit all metrics each and every quarter is our promise.  Working with a growing brand with incredible technology is a privilege and our team strive each day for more and more success.

Dyson’s mission is simple solve the problems others seem to ignore. 


mesh marketing dyson demostrator
Dyson Supersonic
mesh marketing dyson team
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